Honest Trailers | Firefly

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Honest Trailers | Firefly
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
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  1. Andre Paul

    Andre PaulKun oldin

    Do one for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

  2. Glenn Turner

    Glenn Turner2 kun oldin

    Why can I like this only once?

  3. Alix Adnan

    Alix Adnan2 kun oldin

    the most hilarious part is the narrator 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣

  4. Cat DAVIS

    Cat DAVIS5 kun oldin

    love it.

  5. Lil Rebz

    Lil Rebz6 kun oldin

    feels like you're bashing it and that's just something I mite can't abide

  6. Sideyin

    Sideyin7 kun oldin

    Instead of Jossed in space it sholud have been "Cowboy Beebop - Live action"

  7. Anthony Carlisle

    Anthony Carlisle9 kun oldin

    Dang, no mention or reference to the opening tune or music in general. It was pretty good

  8. DaGuap Getta

    DaGuap Getta9 kun oldin

    I've never watched Firefly but have to listen to my friends say how great it was and how it shouldn't have been canceled, this honest trailer and commentary will be my Firefly watch along

  9. Daniel Engel

    Daniel Engel10 kun oldin

    Still cannot believe that it was cancelled after only 14 episodes...

  10. Daniel Engel

    Daniel Engel9 kun oldin

    @MsCathrynC Have you watched the movie?

  11. MsCathrynC

    MsCathrynC10 kun oldin

    Sad... Perhaps we should organize a campaign to get Netflix to take on the show and start producing Season 2?

  12. Shanthi Chackalackal

    Shanthi Chackalackal12 kun oldin

    Now we need an Honest Trailer for Buffy!

  13. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith14 kun oldin

    The more in thinks about it the more one dislikes the whole confederacy parallel but on the other hand it was also historically true that southern soldiers (especially the enlisted) traveled west to find their fortune...

  14. 24willa

    24willa14 kun oldin

    I love firefly. And Nathan Fillion. Idc what anyone say about him

  15. Samyra Nason

    Samyra Nason15 kun oldin

    Goram and not frakking? Well Frak....

  16. Whitney

    Whitney16 kun oldin

    Chinese Stuff: scene where people are cooking dog meat

  17. BlackCellAgent

    BlackCellAgent17 kun oldin

    This is beautiful

  18. Derrick Jones

    Derrick Jones20 kun oldin

    Jane is Starcream 😅😅😅

  19. Hart Viges

    Hart Viges20 kun oldin


  20. Bruce LeSourd

    Bruce LeSourd21 kun oldin

    No one ever seems to rant about how Firefly was aired in the Friday death slot before a cheap Miami Vice knock-off, and most of the episodes were preempted by baseball games running long. Like, get this younguns, gather round and listen to Old Uncle: the TV schedule would show Firefly was airing. You would arrange to be sitting in front of a TV at that specific time, giving up whatever sensible people did on Friday nights. And then it just wouldn't air. You'd be sitting there watching dudes play with balls in overtime. They canceled it because they killed it first. WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE? Funny thing is, Firefly was the last time I watched network television with commercial breaks in its original broadcast time slot. By killing Firefly, they killed themselves. Now the networks are all zombies, except for the Zombie networks.

  21. endorphinz

    endorphinz21 kun oldin

    Jayne: "I think I really made a difference in their lives. Me, Jayne Cobb." Mal: "I know your name, jackass."

  22. Jack Myers

    Jack Myers22 kun oldin

    This is why I have mixed feelings about Joss Whedon

  23. the guy the name

    the guy the name23 kun oldin

    This the remake of cowboy bebop, river is the 🐕

  24. This is Ajang

    This is Ajang23 kun oldin

    I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I so...

  25. gamewizl

    gamewizl25 kun oldin


  26. Michael V

    Michael V25 kun oldin

    Everything Honest Trailer razzes about the show actually makes it sound better. Think about it, because that happens just about never.

  27. Benci17

    Benci1725 kun oldin

    Do Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy

  28. gin ko

    gin ko26 kun oldin

    joss whedon responsible for the snyder cut lol thats one way to look at it

  29. Rue

    Rue26 kun oldin

    Do an honest trailer of Stargate Sg-1 and/or Stargate Atlantis plzzzzz

  30. Anita Vikhals

    Anita Vikhals29 kun oldin

    where is the one for Buffy..?

  31. Jay Rebirth

    Jay Rebirth29 kun oldin

    Never noticed the recycled Star Ship Troopers outfits before 4:06 lol


    BOOK PILE29 kun oldin

    Mal was specifically against slavery.

  33. Guardian Grok

    Guardian GrokOy oldin

    I had to thumbs down it simply because the best line in the whole show wasn't included. "That's why I never kiss 'em on the mouth."

  34. Francesca Greetham

    Francesca GreethamOy oldin

    The shiniest show there ever has been!

  35. Joseef deleon

    Joseef deleonOy oldin

    The comments are all just Firefly love

  36. Paul Feldersnatch

    Paul FeldersnatchOy oldin

    This show really got the China taking over the world thing right.

  37. scott walton

    scott walton26 kun oldin

    they basically saw where the whole “society” dystopia is going, and has already gone over and over again. nothing new, just on a scale proportional to the age of the species.

  38. Wyatt Zurovec

    Wyatt ZurovecOy oldin

    First time I thought the vid was garbage, kinda blew it, even with the reference

  39. Qi Zhou

    Qi ZhouOy oldin

    Do Bojack Horseman!

  40. jeri Ngatai

    jeri NgataiOy oldin

    I finally got to watch the full season thanks to disney+. When it was on tv they played several episodes twice that i didnt know there were missing episodes.

  41. Shy Galadriel

    Shy GaladrielOy oldin


  42. Casey

    CaseyOy oldin

    @5:20 gonna need both those lighter sizes

  43. Toni Martinez

    Toni MartinezOy oldin

    Simon wasn't creepily into his sister though.... like if your sibling fucking disappeared and you found out they were being held captive and experimented on, you might get a little obsessively protective too

  44. Valentino B

    Valentino BOy oldin

    6:08 omg was that Treasure Planet reference?

  45. darkstar100x

    darkstar100xOy oldin

    And now we know Whedon liked to make female screenwriters cry while making this show. Maybe it's a good thing it was cancelled before he actually drove any of them to self-harm.

  46. Respect Woman

    Respect WomanOy oldin

    Care to explain further

  47. Mark Skater

    Mark SkaterOy oldin

    i miss this show so muich

  48. Justin Finkelstein

    Justin FinkelsteinOy oldin

    Bleh. I never got into Firefly when it came out. Now I see why. Ugh. DO KRULL!! Or the kitty gets it!

  49. Tristyn Russelo

    Tristyn RusseloOy oldin


  50. Alen

    AlenOy oldin

    Is ...is that....starship trooper armor...*RICO ROUGHNECKS! HUH!!

  51. Dan Tripp

    Dan TrippOy oldin

    "...a cup of plain yogurt who's super into his sister." Calling him plain yogurt is exceptionally generous.

  52. Lyle .G

    Lyle .G3 kun oldin

    Yeah.. I feel bad for Sean Maher. Simon was an exceptionally thankless role in a show brimming with personable characters.

  53. PrinceofCats20

    PrinceofCats20Oy oldin

    ​@ScreenJunkies I posted this 5 months ago and you totally ignored me. Are you going to maintain your silence and advocate your bigotry towards Asians? I was really excited for your take on one of my favorite shows but was immensely disappointed at the blatant racism you chose to include. The clips of the non-Chinese actors/actresses trying to speak the language was funny and made sense under “Chinese Stuff” but how was it funny or necessary to include a clip of the dog meat vendor? I’m especially wondering why you would include something so blatantly offensive and bigoted in this day and age; or have you not been keeping up with how the systemic racism in this country is no longer widely accepted? Such “jokes” like yours are key contributing factors to racial abuse and microaggressions to entire demographics of people in this country. I am honestly surprised at your bigotry and really sad that one of my favorite channels on here is so openly racist towards me and my people. I sincerely hope that you try to curb your promotion of bigotry and racial abuse in the future and learn that targeting an entire ethnic group for a laugh is actually a truly terrible thing.

  54. PrinceofCats20

    PrinceofCats2010 kun oldin

    @brch2 So you're advocating the perpetuation of stereotypes about Chinese people eating dogs and I'm the moron? Maybe you should stop being so salty and attack the oppressed person that is speaking up against racism and bigotry. You see, the real idiots (hint: YOU) are the ones that are so completely devoid of compassion and understanding that you would actually justify racism and Asian hate while calling the Asian person being targeted an idiot. And given your reaction and justification, I would urge you to not visit any Asian-owned businesses or approach any elderly Asian people...please. For their sake.

  55. brch2

    brch212 kun oldin

    Hey moron, you were ignored for a reason... you're an idiot. He clearly is not advocating bigotry towards Asians, he's, through humor, pointing out how the show itself tried to throw Asian culture/influence in, but failed miserably by not actually having many/any Asian characters with speaking roles. In a universe where the Chinese and Americans basically teamed up to form a new solar system, and where Chinese people and culture became so prominent it mixed with western culture and language in the new system, we still never saw Chinese people to show that mix. Quit being an idiot... he's calling out the bigotry, not propagating it.

  56. Lippy aus Lëtzeburg

    Lippy aus LëtzeburgOy oldin

    Love Firefly

  57. Redd Girma

    Redd GirmaOy oldin

    4th time watching this video & sth I'm forgetting on each watch... Oh, yeah! do Buffy the Vampire Slayer's honest trailer, please? (Obviously, goes without saying but... the series)

  58. Winona Bowser

    Winona BowserOy oldin

    you called her ‘the serenity’ 😡

  59. crabby paddy

    crabby paddyOy oldin

    It love marmite and i love Firefly even more. IMO....One of the best Sci-Fi series ever made. Liked the cowboy style and comedy infusion and excellent story plot and overarching main plot. They really knew how to make a Brand too. imo. Think they messed up marketing...yeah. Browncoats and space cattle transport and space cowboys will be a reality. Mars, here we come. Moooooo

  60. Luna Lovewell

    Luna LovewellOy oldin

    Chinese people with speaking roles: Footage Not Found hahahahahahahahaha XD yep that's Joss for ya. Honestly we need more Nerds O.C. directors

  61. Alex Thibou

    Alex ThibouOy oldin

    I was hoping we'd finally get mention of how much it stole from anime. (River is basically Melfina from Outlaw Star)

  62. samuraigundam0079

    samuraigundam0079Oy oldin

    You forgot the stuff that was a straight up rip off from the Outlaw Stat Anime.

  63. Melanie Rippon

    Melanie RipponOy oldin

    Ok so you basically just mocked one of my favourite shows but - 😂😂😂😂

  64. a24396

    a24396Oy oldin

    Thumbs up for the "person, man, woman, camera, tv" line...

  65. toditron

    toditronOy oldin

    This show was pretty bad. It was a blessing it got cancelled.

  66. Dale Sexton

    Dale SextonOy oldin

    There will never be a TV show cancellation that comes close to generating the level of anger in me that this one still does to this day.

  67. Dog

    DogOy oldin

    The greatest show ever, & anyone who disagrees, just remember, "I can kill you with my brain"

  68. milcoll73

    milcoll73Oy oldin

    not even japanese words can express how shiny this is! man make a trailor like that in public, aint afraid of nuthin!

  69. CommentPoster10

    CommentPoster10Oy oldin

    This feels more like an Honest Trailer for Joss Whedon himself Not that I'm complaining

  70. Elwood P. Dowd

    Elwood P. DowdOy oldin

    When I dream, I dream of a world that has season two.

  71. Lee Jay

    Lee JayOy oldin

    Princess Lay Ya. Jesus, have mercy on your soul.

  72. Smiley Lachflash

    Smiley LachflashOy oldin


  73. Ryan Pierce

    Ryan PierceOy oldin

    Princess Lay Ya. I'll be laughing all day at that.

  74. Sol Konstrukt

    Sol KonstruktOy oldin

    Still Love it..

  75. Vlad Dracul

    Vlad Dracul2 oy oldin

    After five or six episodes I gave up finding the reason for the extraordinary and irrational hype this series enjoyed.

  76. ManAtPogo

    ManAtPogo2 oy oldin

    Brooklyn 99? Come on!

  77. malcom reynolds

    malcom reynolds2 oy oldin


  78. Viks Bird

    Viks Bird2 oy oldin

    Honest Trailer: Serenity?

  79. brian sehovski

    brian sehovski2 oy oldin

    Finally! Someone else admits Starship troopers gear was reused. Was I the only one who caught for so long?

  80. brch2

    brch212 kun oldin

    @Nicholas Smith It is common knowledge. Of course, I wasn't thinking about it, and it took me a sec to really comprehend the joke he was making.

  81. Nicholas Smith

    Nicholas Smith2 oy oldin

    I thought that was common knowledge.

  82. bgm 1961

    bgm 19612 oy oldin

    This trailer showed the entire and only season!

  83. Heather in Kansas

    Heather in Kansas2 oy oldin

    I coulda sworn this originally said: "Joss Whedon: Human Thumb and guy who hasn't been cancelled..Yet.".

  84. VanessaFiji

    VanessaFiji2 oy oldin

    RIP Alan Tudyk. What an awesome show.

  85. just me

    just me2 oy oldin

    Alan Tudyk is fine. Not resting in peace.

  86. Rebecca Pekrul

    Rebecca Pekrul2 oy oldin

    mmmm young Nathan Fillion, heck yeah!

  87. Severign Buchanan

    Severign Buchanan2 oy oldin

    Gail Berman canceled firefly.

  88. mwara2444

    mwara24442 oy oldin

    Brown coats unite!

  89. Daniel Irwin

    Daniel Irwin2 oy oldin

    It's just Serenity.

  90. Paul Xaxier

    Paul Xaxier2 oy oldin

    Fell for clickbait, also blocking channel.

  91. Joshua Barger

    Joshua Barger2 oy oldin

    Is that Chuck from John Casey?

  92. brch2

    brch212 kun oldin

    No to the question you asked. Yes to the question I assume you are trying to ask.

  93. cjxgraphics

    cjxgraphics2 oy oldin

    If I remember correctly in Firefly, it was the Alliance who was perfectly fine with slavery.

  94. Maria Eventine

    Maria Eventine2 oy oldin

    This is what UZnick was meant to be...

  95. T.J.Ball.

    T.J.Ball.2 oy oldin

    And now that Joss Whedon is actually cancelled

  96. chris hooge

    chris hooge2 oy oldin

    This is the best show since Star Trek Next Generation.

  97. Shawn4815162342

    Shawn48151623422 oy oldin

    We NEED to figure out how to tap into the multiverse...because somewhere out there, this show ran for 6, 8, 10 seasons...and I wanna see every second of it.

  98. GybonBL

    GybonBL2 oy oldin

    We need honest trailer - Farscape Just saying.

  99. Allan T

    Allan T2 oy oldin

    "welcome to the roughnecks" hahah its so true

  100. One Two Three

    One Two Three2 oy oldin

    do handmaids tale

  101. Bubba Hottep

    Bubba Hottep2 oy oldin

    Zoey Lay ya!

  102. Macrochenia

    Macrochenia2 oy oldin

    At the time, we thought Joss Whedon was awesome. After too many Marvel movies, we thought he was overused. After far too many abuse accusations, we think he's a scumbag.

  103. Ben Cross

    Ben Cross2 oy oldin

    Please say : "what do reavers do with their spears.... put them through the wash"

  104. Rodrigo Moura

    Rodrigo Moura2 oy oldin


  105. T. H. McElroy

    T. H. McElroy2 oy oldin

    That Nailed It parody was gold 💛

  106. Luke Wilkins

    Luke Wilkins2 oy oldin

    whole lotta spoilers here. wow.

  107. Shon Snow

    Shon Snow2 oy oldin

    I damn near died when he called jayne "ruttin"

  108. Ragi Cam

    Ragi Cam2 oy oldin

    Amongst the most quotable franchises

  109. Diego Graciano

    Diego Graciano2 oy oldin

    Now that Joss Whedon turns out to be creep, isn't that bad this got cancelled. Karma from the future

  110. Justanotherconsumer

    Justanotherconsumer2 oy oldin

    “Joss Whedon” and “canceled” may take on some new meanings given recent revelations...

  111. darkstar100x

    darkstar100xOy oldin

    @Deborah Hanna He abused tons of actresses and according to Firefly writers "found humor in making female screenwriters cry".

  112. Basil Francis

    Basil FrancisOy oldin

    @Deborah Hanna Google his name and Michelle Trachtenberg

  113. Deborah Hanna

    Deborah HannaOy oldin

    What is he supposed to have done?

  114. Galade Melan

    Galade Melan2 oy oldin

    yeah I was just watching this and was like "damn"

  115. Basil Francis

    Basil Francis2 oy oldin

    I'm honestly amazed there aren't more comments about this.

  116. Angie B

    Angie B2 oy oldin

    The ship looked like a chicken. A flying metal chicken