Honest Trailers | National Treasure

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Honest Trailers | National Treasure
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Randy Whitlock
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet


  1. tehiratepirate

    tehiratepirate2 kun oldin

    National Embarrassment

  2. NathanAlexander Guess

    NathanAlexander Guess6 kun oldin

    Totally lost your marbles Almost two minutes in. Love 💘 It !!! It's the vivid covid crazy scenarios cheerios.

  3. Ryan Mustain

    Ryan Mustain7 kun oldin

    "This walking pub trivia night...."....thanks, you just made me wake up the whole family.

  4. Rahul Panicker

    Rahul Panicker9 kun oldin

    Man. You can make fun of it all you want but this movie was a lot of fun.

  5. F

    F14 kun oldin

    Lmao. This is so far the best Honest Trailers.

  6. Chong! Jojun! Balsa!

    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!23 kun oldin

    01:37 hahaha that's a materpiece)))

  7. Benny E. Vilca

    Benny E. Vilca25 kun oldin

    "You'll NEVER know,what you'll FIND Next!"

  8. CJ Fn

    CJ Fn25 kun oldin

    how does this have something to do with conora

  9. Cabochon1360

    Cabochon1360Oy oldin

    The Egyptian pyramids were not, by and large, built by slaves. But a lot of American stuff was.

  10. Robert Price

    Robert PriceOy oldin


  11. Kyrham Nehlang

    Kyrham NehlangOy oldin

    This man just insulted the Americans in whole new level 😂😂

  12. GFletch Guitars

    GFletch GuitarsOy oldin

    "The REAL National Treasure was inside her all along." Ben Gates: "No, but it's about to be."

  13. Erick B

    Erick BOy oldin

    I LOVE your channel SO MUCH! All of the worlds biggest pop movies are freaking terrible! I love your takedowns.

  14. James Rostance

    James RostanceOy oldin

    “Awww I want to be a part of the deep state” 🤣 brilliant.

  15. TheZebbga

    TheZebbgaOy oldin

    I like how all that treasure is just sitting under New Jersey...

  16. samuraigundam0079

    samuraigundam0079Oy oldin

    I actually like this movie quite a bit :)

  17. Justin Finkelstein

    Justin FinkelsteinOy oldin

    For the sake of the Constitution and all that is [vaguely] holy, do KRULL!! :D

  18. werner finck

    werner finckOy oldin

    make Stargate SG1!!!!

  19. Sarthak Roy

    Sarthak RoyOy oldin

    "Even the Kids, and Americans", ohh boy that was sooooo on point! :D

  20. Thomas Studstrup

    Thomas StudstrupOy oldin

    That Nic Cage impression that ends up being about Corona: Hahahahaha :D :D :D :D Havent laughed this much Since your honest trailers of A Star Is Born and Twilight. :D


    BOOK PILEOy oldin

    The pyramids were built by experienced builders, not slaves.

  22. Machiavelli Does Stuff

    Machiavelli Does StuffOy oldin

    Finally they’ve done my favorite movie 🍿

  23. Tahmina Habeeb

    Tahmina HabeebOy oldin

    Please do pretty little liars and scream queens and smallville next!!

  24. Aaron Fix

    Aaron Fix2 oy oldin

    More epic than the most epic epicness epically imaginable

  25. Erin Stanger

    Erin Stanger2 oy oldin

    This movie should be a national treasure just because Sean Bean wasn’t killed in it. 🙂

  26. SicilianSwissvalian

    SicilianSwissvalian2 oy oldin

    3:43 had me weak

  27. Jean Onoig

    Jean Onoig2 oy oldin

    What happens if you never watch a movie in your life

  28. Autism Family

    Autism Family2 oy oldin

    We all know the capitol riots were a smoke screen for Nicholas Cage to steal the Declaration of Independence, right? ;)

  29. Leah Elizabeth

    Leah Elizabeth2 oy oldin


  30. J C

    J C2 oy oldin

    "Walking bar trivia night" I had to pause to let the laughing subside

  31. mr offkey marc

    mr offkey marc2 oy oldin

    Cage impression very funny

  32. Donald Biden

    Donald Biden2 oy oldin

    The connection plot...corona virus🤣🤣🤣

  33. Christopher Weber

    Christopher Weber2 oy oldin

    The Deep State is not amused !!!

  34. English Lady

    English Lady2 oy oldin

    "Historians being reckless with priceless artifacts". FOR SHAME. Movies like this would reduce a real historian to tears with the way they treat historical artifacts.

  35. Joe Franklin

    Joe Franklin2 oy oldin

    Please don't get woke.

  36. Deen Said

    Deen Said2 oy oldin

    Man, so many Honest Trailers on Nicholas Cage movies. So, when we get Ghost Rider next?

  37. dietermitplatten

    dietermitplatten2 oy oldin

    Please do Ghost Rider (2007) next!

  38. Bren

    Bren2 oy oldin

    no ALAN raptor .... sad

  39. Scott S.

    Scott S.3 oy oldin

    Where is Alicia Silverstone when you need her? Whateverrrrr

  40. DelusionalDarcy

    DelusionalDarcy3 oy oldin

    "Sassy black stares." 😆

  41. Levon Gevorgyan

    Levon Gevorgyan3 oy oldin

    Peasants, not slaves.

  42. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones3 oy oldin

    Please do Supernatural the Show on CW

  43. God Is An Atheist

    God Is An Atheist3 oy oldin

    "A scavenger hunt that everyone can figure out. Even kids... and Americans" LMAO

  44. stenbak88

    stenbak883 oy oldin

    The pyramids were not built by slaves that’s a myth

  45. mYschaF

    mYschaF3 oy oldin

    That opening line got me so hard I spilled my coffee all over my pants

  46. sharksandsheep

    sharksandsheep3 oy oldin

    2004: Like it would be THAT EASY to steal the Declaration of Independence. 2021: Like it would be THAT HARD to steal the Declaration of Independence.

  47. Amateur Torque

    Amateur Torque3 oy oldin

    please do Chesapeake Shores

  48. Meghann Alt

    Meghann Alt3 oy oldin

    The obsolete beggar methodologically fax because larch thessaly bake aboard a stupid beetle. nutty, warm berry

  49. Carbon 12

    Carbon 123 oy oldin

    Indialex Jones got me.

  50. muP8085

    muP80853 oy oldin

    Anyone can figure out..even children....and American 😅

  51. Manly McStud

    Manly McStud3 oy oldin

    i don't think the pyramids were built by slaves, though. i forget which videogame i learned that from....

  52. Katelynn Alexandrea

    Katelynn Alexandrea3 oy oldin

    "Slaves?" A+ ending

  53. Ryan G

    Ryan G3 oy oldin

    You know the problem with Honest Trailers? There's too many awesome moments to be able to comment on all the things you loved!

  54. Dr. Boom

    Dr. Boom3 oy oldin

    “One does not simply walk into the National Archives”- that did not age well

  55. Collin Squires

    Collin SquiresOy oldin

    ​@Elena Christian Oh, making crossover comments about movies is TIGHT!!!

  56. Elena Christian

    Elena Christian3 oy oldin

    Somewhere, Ben Gates just facepalmed. Because it turns out, stealing the Declaration of Independence is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  57. LovesGreatness com

    LovesGreatness com3 oy oldin

    Alex Jones Approves of this movie review.

  58. Jarrett Davis

    Jarrett Davis3 oy oldin

    “Awww, I want to be in the deep state.” That gave me a good chuckle.

  59. Ozryel Varnis

    Ozryel Varnis3 oy oldin

    Since we're ripping Nicolas Cage, yall should do Color out of Space or Knowing

  60. depalma13

    depalma133 oy oldin

    Termites made the staircase super dangerous, but every single torch was in perfect 1776 condition.

  61. Ayinde nēdl (as in the haystack)

    Ayinde nēdl (as in the haystack)3 oy oldin

    you're so good dude

  62. Melanatedone

    Melanatedone3 oy oldin

    That Legend of Zelda secret insert nearly killed me!

  63. Epic 112

    Epic 1123 oy oldin

    I never knew screen junkies would make an honest trailer on a documentary

  64. Schemaric vg

    Schemaric vg3 oy oldin

    "A woman?" "A very cute man" Well yeah, pretty much

  65. Mahashis Bose

    Mahashis Bose3 oy oldin

    Do "Attack on Titan!"

  66. Doug C

    Doug C3 oy oldin

    Say "James Bissonette, Kelly Moneymaker, Marvin Cassau, Moe, Rob Waterhouse, Aaron the Wight, James Castagnieda, Jordan Liong Lie, Gustaff Swan, Jerry Lamdon, Mark Cassarsno, Maggie Packskowski, Miss Izzit, David Silverman, Copper Tone, Winston Kayword, Matthew Shiply, Spinning Three Plates, Anthony Beckett, Ben Salightford, Lexie Scwinn, Robert Wetzils, Rashida Ali, Skies Chapelle amd Charles I"

  67. Rodney Austin

    Rodney Austin3 oy oldin

    Meh- the commentary on current events using old films is unfunny. This was a pretty good popcorn film.

  68. Ryu Pasha

    Ryu Pasha3 oy oldin

    easy mode

  69. Enakronizum

    Enakronizum3 oy oldin

    Please say, "Sis on you pister you ain't so mucking futch"

  70. Paul Robalino

    Paul Robalino3 oy oldin

    do seinfeld

  71. Eva Kovacs

    Eva Kovacs3 oy oldin

    I laughed so hard when years ago watching this I realised that the actual treasure is marked with X, meaning close the window and stop watching.

  72. youngknowledgeseeker

    youngknowledgeseeker3 oy oldin

    Man I remember how misleading the poster and trailer was. Me and all my friends thought we were in for an action packed movie. They made it seem like he had a whole gun strapped to his back, turns out it was a fucking scroll and the man just played Detective Scooby Doo the whole movie😂

  73. Andy Warner

    Andy Warner3 oy oldin

    It's kinda annoying how many times he told her shut up. It made up me say "shut up" to him in return.

  74. Scorpio Canuck

    Scorpio Canuck3 oy oldin

    National Treasure aka Illuminati R Us

  75. The Southern Guy

    The Southern Guy3 oy oldin

    Please do Honest Trailer. The Sopranos

  76. The Southern Guy

    The Southern Guy3 oy oldin

    Please do Honest Trailer. The Sopranos

  77. jose fraga

    jose fraga3 oy oldin

    I hate movies. No I don't! 😂

  78. Pony Luvr

    Pony Luvr3 oy oldin

    This hurts (even though it a joke) because I am in love with this movie😂

  79. Happy Slappy

    Happy Slappy3 oy oldin

    Aaah...Link. XD XD

  80. gmonay2k

    gmonay2k3 oy oldin

    Slaves? 😂 💀 💀

  81. Mystic Stirling

    Mystic Stirling3 oy oldin

    Ironic how this is being suggested

  82. 100domathon

    100domathon3 oy oldin

    Free Masons

  83. Quinton du Plessis

    Quinton du Plessis3 oy oldin

    Soooooooo we're not going to talk about the fact that Sean Bean is still alive at the end of this movie?

  84. gaelanj

    gaelanj3 oy oldin

    I think it's time to revisit this honest trailer, 1/6/21 having happened....

  85. Gary Mcpirate

    Gary Mcpirate3 oy oldin

    a nights tale!

  86. ThunderBlastvideo

    ThunderBlastvideo3 oy oldin

    Can confirm that video games has taught me more school than our corrupted us education system

  87. kishan bhadoriya

    kishan bhadoriya3 oy oldin

    You guys should definitely do doctor sleep

  88. Liquid Leopard

    Liquid Leopard4 oy oldin

    By all means, make fun of this movie. It was such a terrible waste of my time.

  89. matheus Santhiago

    matheus Santhiago4 oy oldin

    6 days into 2021 and this movie has become 200% more realistic

  90. Sam Cochran

    Sam Cochran3 oy oldin

    how so?

  91. TheStarkiller96

    TheStarkiller964 oy oldin

    4:05 Back in the days when Templar where "cool" Today I'm more of an Assassin :D

  92. S. H.

    S. H.4 oy oldin

    4:32 I am SO sick of people hiding behind the declaration of independence

  93. thebestStevenHawkins

    thebestStevenHawkins4 oy oldin

    "The real treasure was inside her the whole time." Lol

  94. Deesar Thafaks

    Deesar Thafaks4 oy oldin

    Do THE SOUND OF MUSIC for my mum 👂🎼👩‍🦳

  95. Brendan Schoen

    Brendan Schoen4 oy oldin

    Oh my god, "Same way they built The Pyramids and the Great wall of China." 😂😂😂 yes definitely unfortunately.

  96. blitva1

    blitva14 oy oldin


  97. Mon Hunterz

    Mon Hunterz4 oy oldin

    5:15 Well it is America, so probably

  98. Burton Williams

    Burton Williams4 oy oldin

    This was too funny ! Thank you.

  99. Chris Musix

    Chris Musix4 oy oldin

    That Conspiracy Theorist Nick Cage transition was tops.

  100. twrampage

    twrampage4 oy oldin

    Sean Beans should have been "I actually get to live through the whole movie?"

  101. Deesar Thafaks

    Deesar Thafaks4 oy oldin

    My mum wants you to do an honest trailer for THE SOUND OF MUSIC 👂🎼 Yeah I'll watch it too 😉

  102. For Fun Fun

    For Fun Fun4 oy oldin

    The real national treasure was inside her all along🤣🤣🤣

  103. Ryan Vang

    Ryan Vang4 oy oldin

    They forgotten part 2 where he and Abigail were pretending to argue to go to one of the resolute desk in London. That's when he also "Nic Caged" out.